About Us – Diamond industry research & analysis

Gemdax is an independent consulting company specialising in diamond industry research and analysis. Having operated in the sector for almost two decades, we have extensive and in-depth knowledge of the diamond industry. Our multi-disciplinary team leverages this strong industry expertise to deliver insight, expert advice and consultancy services to a wide range of global clients, both within and outside the diamond industry. Our strength is in diamond sector research and analysis, analytics, strategy, finance, and stakeholder management.

Located in Antwerp, in the heart of the world’s pre-eminent diamond centre, we have our finger on the pulse of the diamond sector. This means we provide highly relevant and current diamond industry analysis, commentaries and in-depth diamond market outlooks.

As independent advisors with a wealth of experience and a comprehensive understanding of each stage of the diamond pipeline, we work with organisations across the entire value chain and financial investors to help them gain maximum commercial advantage from a changing diamond sector. We provide critical insight and practical solutions to opportunities and challenges facing our clients.

Gemdax works with clients around the world, particularly in the sector’s major diamond and financial centres. Within the industry, our clients span government organisations and enterprises; mining companies; diamond traders and manufacturers; trade and pan-industry organisations; and service providers. Outside the sector, we have worked in investor-facing roles on both the buy-side and the sell-side, including with private equity firms and debt funds, providing specialised diamond industry research and in-depth diamond market analysis, delivering clarity and insight in an arguably opaque sector.


Diamond industry research and analysis

Gemdax provides diamond industry research and analysis for those seeking to participate or invest in the diamond sector. We have a thorough understanding of the complexities of the diamond pipeline and the diamond industry as a whole. This means Gemdax is perfectly placed to help our clients navigate a sector that is relatively opaque and where nuances can make material differences to investment decisions and strategies.

Diamond industry analysis and research based on in-depth specialist expertise

Gemdax’s research analysts and consultants are located in or regularly visit the key rough diamond markets of India, Belgium, Dubai and Botswana. Our on the ground diamond industry research capabilities enable us to provide clients with access to real time information on diamond industry developments. With our finger on the pulse of the diamond market and diamond industry developments, we provide crucial and time-critical diamond industry analysis to help our clients make key investment decisions and develop business strategies.

Diamond industry market reports and analysis

The diamond industry is relatively closed and it is often challenging to monitor market developments. Gemdax provides clients with monthly diamond industry market reports generated from proprietary primary research on the diamond industry. These diamond market reports are based on in-depth diamond industry research and provide our clients with critical diamond market analysis, including estimates of rough diamond price movements, polished diamond price movements, midstream financing developments, the diamond pipeline inventory status and rough diamond producer distribution strategies.

Comprehensive diamond industry research database

Gemdax has operated in the diamond industry for almost two decades. Over this time, it has conducted a wide range of in-depth diamond industry research studies ranging from research into diamond producer distribution strategies to midstream financing and lab-grown diamond demand and supply.

Diamond industry outlook and analysis

The diamond industry is entering a period of change, and Gemdax is uniquely placed to provide clients with an outlook of the sector. To provide a diamond industry outlook, Gemdax leverages its extensive diamond industry research capabilities and delivers incisive diamond industry analysis and insight.  

Our diamond industry outlook papers include briefings on some of the key diamond industry themes for the coming years, which includes diamond midstream financing, lab-grown diamonds (sometimes referred to as synthetic diamonds), changes in the quality composition of rough diamond production, increasing fragmentation of the diamond production landscape, diamond category marketing and consolidation of the diamond midstream.

Specialists in diamond industry research and diamond industry analysis

As specialists in diamond industry research and diamond industry analysis, Gemdax provides in-depth, up to date diamond industry studies rapidly. It can also respond to requests for bespoke diamond industry studies and diamonds industry research needs.