Gemdax provides expert services and critical insight to all points of the diamond supply chain. We specialise in research, analytics, strategy, finance and stakeholder management.


Gemdax understands the entire diamond pipeline. With this comprehensive industry knowledge, we provide penetrating insight and clear guidance to entities financing or investing in the diamond sector.


We work with clients in the diamond midstream, providing support and vital industry insight to diamantaires. We take pride in our role as trusted advisors, constantly striving to help our clients meet their strategic goals.


Gemdax works on a broad range of projects for diamond miners and producers.
Much of this has been far-reaching, in-depth analysis tailored specifically to our clients' needs.


Gemdax – Diamond industry consultants and analysts

Founded in 2000, Gemdax has risen to become a leading diamond industry consultancy firm, bringing together leadership, fresh perspectives, and a result-oriented approach. Combining broad, in-depth knowledge of the diamond sector with a data-driven mindset, Gemdax’s main specialties are research, analytics and analysis, strategy, finance and stakeholder management.

These specialties are unified through the organisation’s commitment to establishing competitive advantage in the changing diamond industry environment. Gemdax goes beyond classical consultancy through active involvement in the implementation of strategic recommendations for companies in the diamond supply chain.

Our clients include financial investors, government organisations, miners, diamond traders and manufacturers.


Gemdax has almost two decades of experience in the diamond sector, providing expert services and critical insight to all points of the diamond supply chain.

We specialise in research, analysis, strategy, finance and stakeholder management.


Diamond industry analysts and consultants providing specialist market insight and analysis 

Gemdax, an independent consulting firm in Antwerp, is deeply rooted in the diamond sector. Our consultants and analysts’ specialist knowledge of and expertise in the diamond industry means we deliver insight, analysis, expert advice and consultancy services to a spectrum of global clients, both within and outside the diamond sector. We specialise in research, analytics, data gathering and data analysis, finance and financial modelling, strategy, and stakeholder management.

Our consulting service offering

Gemdax provides consulting and advisory services to players within the diamond industry and diamond pipeline, from major rough producers and junior minors, to midstream diamond manufacturers and traders, as well as other diamond industry stakeholders. Our analysts and consultants also provide expert advice, data-driven analysis and forecasting or modelling tools to financial services companies and entities that invest in or finance the diamond industry, such as private equity firms and debt funds that may or may not focus on the diamond sector.

Our team of consultants and analysts

Our specialist diamond consulting team is composed of diamond industry analysts and experts with in-depth expertise and vital insight. Gemdax is perfectly placed to advise anyone looking for critical information, data-driven analytics or creative insight on the diamond sector, including market research and commentaries or market outlooks on the diamond industry.

Specialist insight into the diamond industry

Gemdax consultants and analysts have a comprehensive understanding of supply chain complexities, having garnered thorough insight into how each stage of the diamond pipeline functions and how different components of the diamond supply chain interact. This profound knowledge and insight makes us an invaluable diamond sector analyst and specialist, as well as an effective business advisor, management consultant and critical expert within the diamond industry.

Data-driven diamond industry analysis, research and market insight

Unlike other experts and consultants in the diamond sector,  our analysts focus on data-driven research and analysis. This emphasis on data analysis, research and data gathering, analytics and precision sets us apart from other consultants in the diamond industry. Because of our strong analytical capabilities and diamond industry expertise, our clients get vital insight and incisive analysis, which generates results and creates value. This foundation in analytics is coupled with Gemdax’s proprietary research, intelligence, data, and modelling or forecasting tools, which have been developed and honed by our analysts and consultants over the last two decades that Gemdax has been operating in the diamond sector.